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Baja Travel Club- With a storefront in University City, San Diego, these people know Baja better than we do. They offer all sorts of practical travel help including travel guides, insurance, and tour advice.

CarePlacement.com- Help find the right care for your loved ones.

Baja123 Real Estate- Nice people that can hold your hand to help find the property you are looking for. Based out of Rosarito.

San Simeon Travel- If you want to have an all inclusive tour anywhere in the world, these are the guys. We have personally had experience with tours to Galapagos, Africa, and China. Not cheap, but you get quality. Let them know you heard about them from Crossing South 🙂

Jacob Sapochnick and his team are a fantastic group of people. Connect with him if you have any immigration needs. He knows great immigration strategies and keeps up to date on all those changing laws. He has the largest Facebook following of any immigration lawyer in the world, possibly because he gives away tons of great advice.